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Commercial & IT (Retail)

Fudo provides a full range of high-quality LV switchgear solutions to some of our leading hotel, commercial and retail businesses throughout India, providing on-going support, maintenance and upgrades when required.

Fudo Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd, is a company of systems specialists, and sales team, leveraging our deep supplier relationships with top manufactures in the electrical industry, to offer our clients the most extensive portfolio of Commercial distribution electrical equipment for commercial construction across India.

Increasingly greater demands are placed on modern construction and renovations. The planning stage is key to identifying electrical safety issues, flexibility throughout the entire life cycle and potential integration of renewable energies for example.

From schools to stadiums to hospitals to data centers, a reliable electrical distribution solution is critical. With technology that leads the industry in efficiency and reliability, Switchboards can be offered to our customers a with focus on advance notice of failure as well as protecting personnel and equipment. This enables us to be partner of choice for these sectors.