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Low Voltage Switchboards

Low Voltage Switch Boards

Fudo Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. manufacture Main and Sub-main distribution boards with ratings from 250A to 6300A in varying forms of segregation from Form 2 to Form 4 type 7, both fixed and fully withdrawable. Fudo factory-built switchboard assemblies comply with the IS8623 , IEC 60439 and 61439 standard which defines the service conditions, construction requirements, technical characteristics and tests for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies (U < 1000V).

Power Control Centers

We meet the requirements of Global Standards along with compliance to local standards and regulations. Normally Power Control Centers comprise of either Breaker Panels Only or Breaker and MCC panels coupled together (PMCCs.) these confirm to IEC 61439-1/2, IS 8623. Breaker panels can be offered either in single to two tier configurations. Busbars of type tested designs can be offered upto rating 6300 A and upto 100kA fault level for 1 sec. Breaker panels are suitable either for cable or busduct entry from top to bottom and can be coupled with either Single front or double Front MCC panels. The complete structure shall be rigid, compartmentalized. The panels will be totally dust and vermin proof. They will have fixed or draw out type executions as per the requirement. Bus Bars & Internal Wiring Uniform cross section copper Bus Bars/Aluminum Busbars supported with Insulator bases will be employed throughout the length of the panel. Internal wiring be carried out with 1100-volt grade PVC insulated stranded conductor wire as per IS 694. All joints will be solidly crimped using copper/aluminum thimbles. Earthing Bus Bars will be running all along the full length of the switchboard. Our switchboards confirm to the standards such as, IEC 61439-1/2, IS 4237; IS 8623; IS 375 Switch Gears/ Components. They can be offered in the form of FORM 4B

Fudo Automation can guarantee that the conformity of each Low Voltage switchboard manufactured has been tested and proven. All our factory-built Switchboard assemblies are:

  • Made up of Low-Voltage devices and components that all comply with the applicable Local &international standards
  • Based on protection & control devices by leading suppliers:
  • Elsteel ( For Modular Switchboards)
  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • Schneider Electric
  • Mitsubishi
  • Socomec