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LV Distribution and Accessories

LV Distribution & Accessories

Fudo stocks, or manufacture to order, a wide range of electrical switchgear to meet the temporary construction power or day-to-day needs of the electrical contractor market:

  • A wide range of MCCB panelboards, MCB boards & Multi-service units (configured and built to order)
  • Non-standard MCCB & MCB distribution boards which may include, for example;
  • Changeover Panels
  • Digital metering / Kwh pulse metering
  • Contactors for power or lighting circuits
  • Surge suppression systems
  • All circuits pre-wired to terminal rail for rapid site connection

We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of (Motor Circuit Control) MCC panels or Motor Control Panels (MCPs) or Motor Control Centres widely used and appreciated across the country and elsewhere.

Installation Accessories

We also supply other off the shelf switchgear installation accessories:

  • Stand aloneEnclosure with MCCB's or Fuse-switches
  • Current Transformer (CT) chambers and metering cubicles for Supply Local Authority connection requirements
  • Earth bars, available at various sizes and ratings
  • Mild Steel, pre-wired digital meters, c/w CT's & fuses
  • Other items available on request.

LV & MV Busducts

Electrical Bus Ducts are mainly used for providing connection to big switchgear or for distributing main power supply.

Types of Bus Duct
Phase /Non Phase Segregated Bus Duct: These ducts either have all phase conductors in the same cabinet or have each conductor separated by a grounded enclosure from the surrounding phases.

Key Features

  • Phase Segregated/ Non Phase Segregated.
  • Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Busducts.
  • Modular / Welded Type Busducts.
  • Copper/Aluminium with Rubber Bellows.
  • Busbar systems as per IS 8623; IS 375.